Canoe Dock Lift & Storage Rack


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Do you want your Canoe at the water and ready to Launch?
No lugging to and fro!

Purchase your Canoe Dock Lift and Storage Rack NOW!

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Watch the Waterside VideoWhy Choose The DockSider?

  • – It’s Neat, Convenient, and Affordable!
  • – Save Valuable Dock space!
  • – Minimize Rain entry!
  • – Lift directly from the water!
  • – Lift with a fraction of the Canoe weight!
  • – 2 Mounts to choose from, Bolt-on or Clamp-on styles.
    Learn more below.

Canoe Lift & Dock Storage Racks are made from Marine Grade Aluminum!



Canoe Lift and Rack – Enter From Your Dock or Water

“The DockSider” Dockside Canoe Lift and Storage Rack | Dock Rack is designed for the user that enters their Canoe from their Dock or the Water.

The Dockside Canoe Dock Rack, a patented product, is made of Architectural Marine Aluminum with Stainless Steel hardware. This combination of materials is preferred to withstand your fresh water marine environment.

“The DockSider” Dockside Canoe Lift & Dock.Storage Rack is designed with the “user” in mind:

  • It’s easy!! 3 Easy Steps – just “Load, Lift and Store”. Just rotate the Canoe Cradle handle downward toward the water, Float your Canoe in and center to load, and then lift your Canoe into the storage position. Some say “Launch, Load, and Store”!
  • Save Valuable Dock | Pier space as your Canoe Storage Rack holds your canoe on the side of your Dock | Pier. Preventing your Canoe from being obstacles on the way to the end of the Dock.
  • Convenient; Your Dockside Canoe Rack is right where you need it; promoting more frequent usage. Saves wear on tear on you and your Canoe as you don’t have to lug it to and fro!
  • Lift with a Fraction of the weight! Due to the unique leverage and patented Dock Rack design along with the 2:1 Pulley system, the user lifts their Canoe directly from the water. The lift starting at approximately 50% of the weight in the loading position (an 80lb kayak feels like 40lb). In the Storage position, the user needs to exert nearly 0% of the Canoe weight (an 80lb kayak feels like less than 10 lbs). Yes, the higher you lift, the force required lessens! There are latches you turn to keep the Dock Rack in the storage position.
  • Minimize Rain Entry! As you lift your Canoe in the Canoe Dock Storage Rack, your canoe will sit on its side in the storage position.
  • It Adjustable! Does your water level change from Spring to Fall? The slot and pin design allows the user to easily adjust this Dock Storage Rack to accommodate water levels of 10 – 36 inches from the Dock Decking surface!
  • Your choice of Mounts! All “DockSider” Kayak Dock Side Rack models offer two mounting options for your Dock or Pier (Bolt On and Clamp On). Each Dock Mount style is straight forward and easy to install in minutes. See details under Mounting Types.


specs_loadingCanoe Storage Rack in loading position

Waterside Canoe Rack Dockside Canoe Rack
Lifting Weight
(% of canoe weight)
60% Max 60% Max
Rack Position
(distance below dock surface)
5 – 17 inches 5 – 9 inches
(dock surface to water surface distance)
10 – 36 inches 10 -30 inches


specs_storedCanoe Storage Rack in storage position

Waterside Kayak Rack Dockside Kayak Rack
Lifting Weight
(% of canoe weight)
0% Min 30% Min
(distance canoe is stored above water, based on water level
5 – 20 inches 5 – 21 inches

Other Specifications

Maximum Weight 100 lbs
Maximum Width 40 inches
Finish Natural Aluminum, this will oxidize and will blend with the other aluminum components on your dock.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Other Tool marks are present on the surface of the material. These do not affect the structural integrity of the Docksider. As the material oxidizes,these will fade.



There are two mounting options for this kayak rack: bolt-on and clamp-on. Deciding which type you like is a matter of preference and dock type. Please review the following information.

Mounting Types

Bolt-on mounts:

  • Requires bolting into your dock or pier
  • Designed for wood or composite decking – not for aluminum decking
  • Fits deck that is 1″ to 1.5″ thick
  • Has 2 slots to provide for vertical adjustment to meet different water levels

Read More: Bolt-on Mount Dock Configurations Guide

Clamp-on mounts:

  • Tool-free method of installation
  • Requires that you can access underside of dock
  • Works on wood, composite, or aluminum decking
  • Docks must have side height less than 7.5″
  • Truss-type docks must have decking-to-bottom-rail height of 10″ or less
  • Fits deck that is 1″ to 1.5″ thick
  • Has 2 slots to provide for vertical adjustment to meet different water levels

Read More: Clamp-on Mount Dock Configurations Guide


What materials are used in making your products?
All structural components are made of architectural grade or aircraft grade aluminum.
Hardware is typically stainless steel.

How much force is required to operate the Docksider Models?
The force required to lift and rotate your kayak into its storage position is dependent on the weight of your kayak and the Kayak Storage Rack you choose.

The Dockside Operation Kayak Storage Rack – DS Series
Shortly after you start to lift you will reach the maximum lifting force which is equal to approximately 80% of the weight of your Kayak. The lifting force will then decrease until you reach the storage position of your Kayak; at that point the force required to hold the Kayak and Kayak Rack in place is approximately 25% of the weight of your Kayak.

If you have a 50 lb kayak;
– The maximum lifting weight is approximately 40 lbs.
– To hold your kayak in its storage position, the force required is approximately 13 lbs.

Can the Dockside Model be also be operated from the Waterside?
Dockcraft Industries does not sanction the use of the Dockside Operating Models by operating from the water. The only reason for this is one of safety. As the Dockside Models want to rotate back into the water before they are latched, the concern is for the operator loosing their grasp and having the kayak and rack rotate back and causing injury to the operator.

Why can’t the Surface Dock Mount be used on aluminum decking?
As the Surface Dock Mount requires the customer drilling a hole in their aluminum dock decking, typically not very thick. DockCraft Industries does not want to be responsible for any structural damage that may occur.

What size Kayak will fit the Docksider?
We have tested numerous models of Kayaks in our Dock Mounted Kayak Storage Racks. Kayak maximum weight of 100lbs has been determined .
Kayaks with widths from 22 inches wide to 35 inches wide have functioned successfully. Kayaks with lengths of 6 ft to 18 feet have functioned successfully.


7/9/2016 – Gina, Wisconsin
Hi!! Just got kayak lift installed!! Love it!! I had my Tommy dock installers install it as they were in the water anyhow. A new dealer, Owen Jones, just bought Tommy Dock brand in Wisconsin. Just thought I’d pass along name as the installers were so impressed with your lift!!     Thank you!

7/8/2016 – Clayton, Virginia – Dock ide Kayak Rack
“My wife, Bette, really loves it,  She no longer has to haul it up onto the dock and then flip it over.  Previously, when on the dock, she had to turn it over and slide it into the water scraping the bottom of her kayak.  She was also very surprised at the ease of pulling her kayak into the storage position.”

5/17/2015 – Chris, Wisconsin – Dockside Clamp On Kayak Storage Lifts
“The Docksider kayak lifts we purchased from you have made kayaking so much easier and fun.   The Docksider lifts have greatly simplified the process of storing our heavier Hobiecat Kayaks when not in use and also getting them back into the water safely and with ease.  We love them.  Thanks!”

4/20/2015 – Bill, Wisconsin – Dockside Bolt On Dock Mounted Kayak Rack
“Great American Product” – a great way to store our kayak!

4/19/2015 – Mike, Michigan – Dockside Clamp On Kayak Lift and Launch
“Bravo on the lift design! I am very impressed. So much that I would like to purchase another one. I work in the tool and die business designing and fabricating automotive checking fixtures that check production car parts for tolerance variation and quality. I usually try to come up with my own designs but I have to admit you have a winner!”

6/23/2015 – Scott , Florida – Dockside Bolt On Kayak Storage Rack
The unit works Great – Thanks for a Great Product!

5/8/2014 – Jim, Missouri – Dockside Bolt On Kayak Rack used for SUP
Installing the Docksiders went well and here are some pictures of the installation with our paddleboards “at home”!  Thanks!

4/10/2014 – Scott, Georgia – Dockside Bolt on Kayak Lift and Launch
Actually installed the day after it came. Easy and works as advertised! Thanks.

10/12/2013 – Mark, Kentucky – Dockside Dock Mounted Kayak Storage Rack
Fixed!  All I did was adjust the straps to the kayak after it was in the proper
position as you suggested.  Seems to work just fine now, and my wife has
already tested it.  She is elated.  Thanks for everything.
It’s good to see a business that stands behind their product and provides excellent customer support. I think you’ve gone echelons above any business I’ve ever purchased from.  Almost wish that I could do it again!

8/21/2013 – Jenny, Georgia – Dockside Dock Mounted Kayak Storage Rack
The dock rack arrived last Friday as promised in perfect condition.
My husband put the rack up this afternoon and it works just as I’d hoped it
would!  It was very easy to install and I look forward to using my
kayak without having to lift and carry it.

7/29/2013 – Rich, Idaho, Dockside Stainless Steel Kayak Storage Rack
We installed the Docksider today and it works great. Thank you.

7/21/2013 – Patty, Minnesota, Dockside Kayak Storage Lift
Great rack for our kayaks – Thank you.

5/9/13 – Steve, New Hampshire, Dockside Kayak Storage Rack
Good Morning Ed; here is a photo of the installed Docksider with our kayak.  It was an early Mother’s Day gift for my wife who really has enjoyed it (it took her much longer to upload the photo than it did for her to put it to use.

3/26/13 –  Customer in Texas,   Dockside Kayak Rack
Ed, I installed both racks, just wanted to let you know they work great!

9/04/12 – Bob T. ,  California, Stainless Steel Kayak Dock Storage Rack
Love your Kayak Dock Rack! Your product was relatively easy to install, was just as you described, and everything works perfect! A buddy of mine came by yesterday to go kayaking with me, and he thought it was the most innovative rack/launch he had ever seen & could imagine. My wife loves the ease of launch as well…I love NOT having to struggle/carry them from my garage down the ramp to the dock, and then muscle them in & out of the water. Back up the ramp, back to the garage….! It really is so much easier to have them right at the dock, ready to launch/pivot up & down! Again, thanks, & I will recommend this to anyone I know who has kayaks & dock! I would suggest to you to send info about your rack system to major on-line kayak dealers! This is a no brainer, best in-class solution I have seen, period! Stainless Steel makes it a perfect solution for saltwater harbors/docks. I think the Stainless Steel gives extra strength to everything too! Feels rugged/strong!

5/30/12 – Jeff F. ,  Michagan, Aluminum DockSide Kayak Storage Rack   
Thanks!  I installed the rack last weekend and it has survived some strong winds.  So far so good.


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